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Housing makerspaces, advanced library services, business resources and partnerships, educational programs, and events, EAT Fat City Center will play the role of an entrepreneurial, artistic, and technological (EAT) crossroads for Jefferson Parish. The building links together a vast array of public and private entities as a way of increasing their proximity to the people who need their services the most. Whether someone is starting a business, seeking job training, or looking for a new career path, access to an array of public services will be readily available under one roof, acting as a one-stop resource center for Fat City residents.

A strategy of sandwiching semi-private office space with public program forms a broad ecosystem of space types, ownership, and use, differing from the compartmental arrangement of a typical multi-tenant building. These spaces not only house shared amenities but actively promote cross-pollination and serendipitous interactions between patrons, programs and entities.

Civic | 28,000 SF | Metairie, LA